Lisa's newest release, The Next Step, is indeed her "next step" into creation of beautiful melodies which will stay with you for encouragement throughout the day.  You'll find new sounds and rhythms in this project not heard in the first.  These all-original songs really uplift, encourage, and point your soul heavenward.     

And enjoy Lisa's first recording of original music, titled Show Me.  Backed by a full band, you can hear Lisa's clear voice and keyboarding complimented with violin and viola on this new release from Tate Music Group.  Lisa’s lyrics are a blend of realism and hope put to singable melodies. As you hear her words you’ll be struck by encouragement even in the midst of pain.  Show Me is a wonderful escape that will have you contemplating the Lord's ways as well as singing His praises. 




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​                                    Get in touch with Lisa using the "Contact" tab of this website . 














The Next Step Album Sampler - Lisa Adrian
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